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Macrobiotics is a natural medicine.

 It has no side effects whatsoever and it benefits all symptoms and diseases


Macrobiotics is the art and science of health and longevity.
Macrobiotics is learning and understanding our food, our way of living, and our surroundings.
Macrobiotics has a positive effect over our physical and emotional life.
The Macrobiotic approach defines the disease as a natural attempt of the body to return to it's harmonious and dynamic stage.
The Macrobiotic center in Israel has over 40 years of experience and success in consulting and guiding individuals families and groups to a better, healthier life.
Contact us at: 052-860-2887 
Macrobiotic treatment
for Epilepsy
Macrobiotic treatment for Diabetes
Macrobiotic treatment for Colitis/Crohns disease
Macrobiotic treatment for cancer desease

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Macrobiotics has proven that learning and understanding the dynamics between us, our food and our surrounding, determines our physical and emotional health. Contact us today, and start living strong again.

Lectures of The Macrobiotic Center Israel

Presented by: Pablo Finkelstein

Throughout the history, scholars in general and philosophers and doctors in particular, new the principles of Macrobiotics, and considered it to be "The fountain of youth".
In these lectures, you might get to drink few drops...
  • How to heal the digestion system?
  • Losing weight without a diet
  • Health and joy after 50
  • Macrobiotics and good relationship
  • How to heal Sleeplessness, tension an over worrying? 
  • The bad influence of Dairy products, Eggs, Meat and Sugar
  • How the incurable got cured?
  • Return to Balance - Nutrition effect on human behavior
  • Overcoming fatigue or keep deteriorating?
  • Back to youth
  • Hirsutism, Infertility, Leukemia.
Lecture time is 90 minutes.
Pablo F. the Macrobiotic center in Israel,
A young 79 years old, Pablo is dancing, acting, lectures and treats people. He lives by the Macrobiotics principals as a life philosophy and nutrition, which helps him keep his vitality and vigor day and night!

The  Centers'  Addresses

Jerusalem Branch
Agripas 40, floor 7
Tel-Aviv Branch
Sotin 24 (Bloch-Arlozorov)
The Macrobiotic center in Israel - where you will find a variety of macrobiotic foods, treatments and lessons in the subject.
Please call in advance.

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