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Giving new life to used smartphones & other devices opened in 2008 as the first re-Commerce (trade-in) online store for electronic devices, offering a simple online trade-in service, with instant quotes and free shipping. In 2014 the store added an option to buy certified pre-owned devices without trade-in, giving consumers a cheap, green, sustainable alternative to buying new smart devices.

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Gazelle reward ethical consumption - They pay cash to people who don't want their old devices to find their way to eco hazardous landfills (or just want some cash for a new purchase), AND they resell certified, pre-owned but "gently used" and rigorously inspected, top-tier electronics. Certified means you get a tested, perfectly functioning and in good cosmetic condition device, for a fraction of the cost, in most cases for as low as 60%-85% off of a new list price device. 

To this day, Gazelle's has bought & sold over 2 Million! Samsung and iPhone smartphones, tablets and laptops, and has on site a respectable 11,000+ 5 STAR reviews!

Gazelle also offer an in-person service in their nationwide Gazelle ecoATM kiosks, which are found inside malls, retailers and grocery stores, and for an extra $19/year you can also get a damage coverage insurance. 

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