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Your Support Makes Our Vision Reachable

The Ethical Buyer is a private, non-endorsed website and initiative, set on a mission. Our goal is to make a positive change in the way we treat ourselves, our community and our environment, by shifting consumer habits and choices toward more ethical, conscious and healthier ones. 

The Ethical Buyer puts a lot of time and effort into searching, examining, reviewing, picking and collecting the companies and businesses showcased on this website. In each one, we look for many parameters, including customer volume and reviews, business strategies, sustainability, standards in code of ethics,

contribution and product quality and affordability. Occasionally we do our own testing by visiting or purchasing a product.

This is all done on private, out of pocket budget and time.

With that said, it is important you understand

the vital ingredients listed below, that enable us to continue our mission and bring you better, more affordable and ethical shopping alternatives, as well as keep this website running and in "good shape".

FTC  Disclosure

1. Many of The Ethical Buyer's posts or banner ads contain links to 3rd party sites where the items showcased on this website can be purchased. If you choose to go ahead and purchase the item or pay a subscription fee we earn a small commission. As stated above, these commissions are the bloodline of our struggle to spread the word and make a difference, and we thank you for that! 

Regardless of the small commission we get, the price you pay is the same and does not change!

Many times you'll even pay discounted prices or receive coupons as this is part of the values we look for.

2. We do not accept gifts or samples and will always maintain an objective and unbiased review of the businesses and products showcased on this website.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions in regards to this subject please contact us through our contact form HERE.

Thank you. 

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